KF High-speed Series

KF High-speed Series

POWERJET KF series special injection molding machine is dedicated to the production of high-end food and other thin-walled containers, such as disposable environmentally friendly high-end PP material ice cream cups, yogurt cups, milk tea cups, lunch boxes, knives, forks, spoons, etc., which is the technology leader of POWERJET in recent years Rookie-type market-specific injection molding machine.


●Energy-Saving 30%~50%
Servo motor with energy-saving controlled hydraulic systems can save electricity up to 30%~50%.
●Low Temperature Injection
Low Temperature Injection Makes More Energy Saving And Keeping Products With High Tenacity And Toughness By Our Innovative Plasticizing System.
● Low Pressure Injection
Low Pressure Injection To Gain Better Mechanical Protection And Longer Mould Service Life. Also Makes Molding Products With Low Stress And Deformation.
● Fast Response Speed
Optimized Control System Response Speed Let Our Shooting Rate Reaching The Best Short Time Within 0.3 Seconds.


1:Brand new 3-platen clamping design,which will optimize the stress distribution and has higher rigidity and more stable performance, meeting the demand of rapid mechanical movement.


2:Injection movement structure of duplex pull rods can consolidate location and have more precise centering.

3:Special oil-circuit design and nitrogen assisted injection greatly improves the injected acceleration & movement,full range of oil connection technology,durability is improved.


4:Unique single cylinder injection, faster and more stable injection rate, can meet the needs of the multi-cavity thin wall products.

5:New rigid frame and better shock-absorbing guarantee more stable production. Reducing the height of framework to fit for low workshop,and products can be taken easily.

6:Low resistance linear guide rail, positioning precision,fast response,high repeatability.

7:The linear displacement transducer for injection and clamping is non-contact mode, suited to the rigidity requirements of high-speed operation, higher precision and higher durability.



Platen Dimensions 



For thin-wall products like ice cream cups, yogurt cups, milk tea cups, lunch boxes, food container and so on.

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