KE Medical Series | automatic injection molding machine

KE Medical Series | automatic injection molding machine

POWERJET KE series is mainly used for the production of disposable plastic medical device products such as disposable syringes, vacuum blood collection tubes, infusion valves, etc. It meets the key standards of medical plastic product molding equipment. The products have the following characteristics:
1. Cleanliness, the equipment is not polluted by the outside world, and the equipment does not produce regenerated pollution to the outside world.
2. Precision, the equipment forms quality products with extremely high quality repeatability, equipment stability and safety under the shortest possible cycle period.



1. Stainless Steel Separates

Separates the area from conveyor to avoid contamination for products.

2. Self-Lubrication System

With new material made sliding feet, which can prevent the contamination from lubricating oil.

3. Synchronous Ejection

Mold opening and ejecting synchronously, lower cycle time and improves the manufacturing effciency.

4. Toggle Recycling Lubrication System

Reduces the contamination of the lubricating oil and keeps the clamping platform clean.

5. Closed Injection System

Closed design with positive pressure laminar air flow device for finished products to keep this area clean. 

6. Servo Motor System

Comparing with the traditional hydraulic machine, S6 series can save more 50% of the power, energy saving is more obviously during pressure hold & cooling stage.

Platen Dimensions



medical instrument like: syringe, blood collection tubes, infusion parts and so on.

  International size rating 2500-502
  Clamping force KN 2580
 Opening stroke mm 520
 Max.daylight mm 1100
  Platen size mm×mm 800×760
  Space between bars mm×mm 560×490
  Max.mold height mm 580
  Min.mold height mm 230
  Ejector stroke mm 145
  Ejector force KN 77
 Screw diameter mm 46
  L/D Screw L/D Ratio L/D 24
  Injection Pressure Mpa 168
 Shot volume cm³ 299
(PS)  Shot weight(ps) g 266
OZ 9.4
  Injection rate  g/sec 368
 Plasticizing capacity g/s 50
 Screw stroke mm 180
  Screw speed rpm 350
 Hydraulic system Pressure Mpa 17.5
  Pump motor power KW 11+41
  Heater power KW 17.7
 Dry-cycle time s 3
 Oil tank capacity L 420
  Machine weight Ton 8.2
  Machine dimensions(L×W×H) m×m×m 5.9×1.5×2.2
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