BJM-C Mixed Color for Flower Series | double color injection molding machine

BJM-C Mixed Color for Flower Series | double color injection molding machine

POWERJET BJM series two-color special injection molding machine uses the first plastic injection molding. After the mold is opened, the entire moving mold and the workpiece are rotated by 180° from the turntable. After the mold cavity is aligned and the mold is closed, the second injection is performed for co-plastic molding; The first plastic injection and the second plastic injection are carried out simultaneously to produce two-color products with distinct colors.


·Single cylinder injection, fast injection response speed;

·Differential injection oil circuit, high injection speed;

·Full computer control, precise machine movement, easy operation, and can realize production in various operation modes;

·Imported computers and electrical components with stable performance;double color injection molding machine

·The hydraulic system can use quantitative, variable or servo oil pump;

·The cooling water is collected, recycled, clean and environmentally friendly.


Platen Dimensions

   International size rating 500-98 900-472
  Clamping force KN 500 900
  Opening stroke mm 265 320
  Max.daylight mm 580 680
  Platen size mm×mm 480×480 540×540
 Space between bars mm×mm 340×315 360×360
 Max.mold height mm 310 360
 Min.mold height mm 110 130
 Ejector stroke mm 70 100
 Ejector force KN 20 34
    Screw diameter mm 22   25 28   32
 Shot volume cm³ 38   49 99   129
(PS)  Shot weight(ps) g 20   32 88   115
OZ 0.7   1.1 3.1   4.1
 Screw stroke mm 166 260
 Hydraulic system Pressure Mpa 16 16
 Pump motor power KW 7.5 11
  Heater power KW 3.5 6
Dry-cycle time s 1.2 1.5
Oil tank capacity L 120 180
Machine weight Ton 2 2.6
Machine dimensions(L×W×H) m×m×m 3.4×1.0×1.6 4×1.2×1.7
Preparing information. .
Preparing information. .

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