What are The Properties of the Injection Molding Machine Mold Material

What are The Properties of the Injection Molding Machine Mold Material

The injection mold is an important tool for the plastic products produced to complete the specified shape. Nowadays, thousands of plastic products with different shapes on the market are attributed to the application of injection molds. A complete set of injection molds must have a pouring system, a temperature control system, molding parts and structural parts. Among them, the pouring system and molded parts are the key to the molding of plastic products. They need to change according to the shape of the plastic products, and give the plastic products gloss and accuracy. Therefore, these parts have higher requirements for materials.

Injection molds need to withstand the double-layer test of pressure and high temperature during the injection molding process. Therefore, the material properties of the steel used for injection molds are also different according to the use conditions and processing methods. Powerjet Group will talk with you about the following aspects:

1. High abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance
In order to ensure the output of plastic products, molds have to go through thousands of injection molding processes every day. Each injection of the gating system will bring a certain degree of friction to the mold. In addition, some injection molding materials with glass fiber, resin inorganic fillers, pigments, additives and other ingredients will aggravate the friction and corrosion of the mold. Therefore, the mold material must have a certain degree of wear resistance and corrosion resistance, so as to ensure the service life of the mold and reduce the production cost of the enterprise.

2. Excellent polishing and processability
Plastic products generally need to have a good polishing effect. In the production process of plastic products, they must be ground and polished, and some also need to be processed into a mirror surface. Therefore, the material of the mold must have a certain surface smoothness. In addition, in order to meet the manufacturer's precise requirements for the shape of plastic products as much as possible, it is necessary to process and transform mold parts. Mold materials with excellent machinability can reduce the wear of cutting tools and extend the service life.

3. Better thermal stability
The mold material with good thermal stability can effectively reduce the coefficient of linear expansion, so that the heat treatment deformation is small, and the surface temperature difference can avoid the large size difference caused by the mold, thereby ensuring the accuracy and smoothness of the plastic product.


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