Congratulations to Powerjet Machinery Team for successfully defending the 2021 Leping Town "Union Cup" Staff Men's Basketball Game

Congratulations to Powerjet Machinery Team for successfully defending the 2021 Leping Town "Union Cup" Staff Men's Basketball Game

"The 8th Employee Men’s Basketball Tournament of Leping Town’s "Trade Union Cup" in 2021 came to a successful conclusion last night. Our company Powerjet Machinery Team defeated the Lijiang Chair Industry Team and successfully defended the title and won the championship."

  In November, the cold air raided and the temperature dropped sharply, but it could not stop the Powerjet players from fully preparing for the basketball game, and the game began like a fire!
Speaking of basketball, it is not only physical strength, but also basketball strategy, and more importantly, the unity between the players.


Powerjet Machinery VS Bangpu Circulation

  On November 8th, Powerjet Machinery entered a tough battle against Bangpu in the semifinals, and the top 4 teams are all of the same strength. Our players took advantage of the swift attack and sharp three-pointers to win 68:41 and entered the finals smoothly.


Powerjet Machinery VS Lijiang Chair Industry

  On November 11, the decisive moment finally came, and the battle of the pinnacle was on the verge. Since the two sides have met in the group stage and are familiar with each other, they must be prepared and tactically arranged before the game!

  At the beginning of the game, our team wearing purple jerseys changed from the slow-heating state of the previous game, and through steals, fast break and layups, they competed fiercely with the Lijiang Chair Industry Team, and took the lead to suppress the opponents, so that the opening atmosphere was instantly ignited. The fierce cheerleaders cheer the audience excitedly. The opponents Lishui Chair Industry Team were not to be outdone, with outstanding performance, the score alternately increased.

  At the end of the first half, we led 32:18 and entered the second half with a 14-point advantage. After changing sides and fighting again, our team members became more in shape, cooperated more impeccably, and gradually widened the gap. In the end, the Powerjet Machinery Team fixed the score at 65:43 by virtue of the tacit cooperation of defense and offensive end, and successfully defended the eighth Leping Town "Union Cup" basketball game and won the championship.

Award moment
Mr. Lai, the leader of Powerjet Machinery Team, is interviewed by Sanshui TV Station

  It is reported that the Leping Town Workers Men's Basketball Tournament attracted a total of 13 teams from various enterprises and institutions from the jurisdiction to participate, and the good spirit of Leping employees was demonstrated through the competition.
  Here, I would like to congratulate once again that our company Powerjet Machinery Team successfully defended the eighth Leping Town "Trade Union Cup" basketball tournament and won the championship.


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