The Core Advantage of Two-color Injection Molding Machine

The Core Advantage of Two-color Injection Molding Machine

Two-color injection molding machine core advantages, two points of analysis

POWERJET Two-color injection molding machine is an injection molding machine that can produce two different materials or color plastic products on one injection molding machine. First of all, we have to understand the difference between two-shot injection molding machine and two-shot injection molding. Two-color injection molding means that two different materials or colors of injection molding materials are injected into the same set of molds, and then plastic products formed from two different materials are obtained. Some of these differences are different in color, and some are different in texture. However, the practicability and aesthetics of its products are stronger than that of single-color plastic products. For two-color injection molding, two injection molding machines can also be produced together. However, compared with two-color injection molding machines, it does not have an advantage in terms of efficiency and cost.

Advantages of two-color injection molding:
1. First of all, the core material of two-color injection molding can be made with low-viscosity materials and recycled secondary materials. Low-viscosity materials can help reduce the injection pressure and increase the injection speed;
Secondly, the core material and according to the different use characteristics, choose suitable materials to replace the thicker soft materials, such as foamed plastics or hard materials, to achieve the effect of reducing weight;
In the use of skin materials and core materials, proper use can reduce the residual stress of the finished product and enhance the mechanical strength and product quality.

2. The advantages of the two-color injection molding machine are mainly reflected in: easy to realize the molding of inserts; convenient to configure various automatic devices to realize the automatic molding of complex and delicate plastic products;
The two-color injection molding machine has various forms of table tops such as rotation, movement, and tilt, so it is convenient for insert molding and in-mold combination molding;
Because the two-color injection molding machine uses a horizontal template to support the weight of the mold to complete the up and down opening and closing actions, this structure is beneficial to maintain the accuracy of the mold and machinery for a long time;
In addition, the two-color injection molding machine also has the advantages of small footprint, simple mold structure, easy assembly and disassembly, low cost, convenient removal of the plastic part cavity, and good precision molding.

The advent of the two-color injection molding machine meets people’s pursuit of a large number of two-color plastic products. With the advancement of technology, the two-color injection molding machine is constantly being optimized. In the future, it will show more advantages and provide consumers with more perfect two-color products.


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