The Common Types of Plastic Pallet Making Machines

The Common Types of Plastic Pallet Making Machines

The Common Types of Plastic Pallet Making Machines

In this article, you will find the most common types of plastic pallet making machines and how to choose a suitable and cost-effective type for your plastic pallet production. Let us talk about the following plastic pallet machine types: 

Plastic Pallet Injection Molding Machines: The machine melts the plastic material and injects them into the pallet mold, after cooling, get the pallets with complex structures.

Plastic Pallet Thermoforming Molding Machines: It is about the vacuum thermoforming pallets, the plastic sheet shall be heated and then drawn into the mold by a vacuum.

Plastic Pallet Blow Molding Machines: The plastic material tube is extruded and then blowing on the mold to shape the pallets. Which need further processes as well. 

Plastic Pallet Compression Molding Machines: For this machine, it put plastic material heated to the mold, and press them, finally get the pallets.

The Machines' Comparing:
Machine Type Advantages Disadvantages
Plastic Pallet Injection Molding Machines It suitable for large scale production.
Could make more precision and complex pallets.
High equipment cost, longer cycle time.
Plastic Pallet Thermoforming Molding Machines Lower equipment cost, faster cycle time. Suitable for simple pallet production without high precision.
Plastic Pallet Blow Molding Machines Making pallets more lightweight with excellent resistance, especially at low temperature. (Suitable for various cold chain supply procedures) Suitable for simple pallet production without high precision
Possible secondary operations
Plastic Pallet Compression Molding Machines Low cost
Long cycle time

To sum up, you can see that plastic pallet requirements, production capacity and production costs are all well considered when choosing the right pallet maker. 
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