Production of Medical Petri Dish

Production of Medical Petri Dish

Product: KP series high precision servo injection molding machine
Production: Medical Petri Dish
K228P-S7 high-precision injection molding machine clamping force with 2280kN, energy-saving, stable, fast and efficient, with faster injection and melting speed, higher production efficiency, suitable for stationery, medical and other industries. The products are thin-walled, transparent, clean, stable and high in yield.

Production Instance
Machine model: K288P-S7
Product:Medical Petri Dish
Base weight:7.7g
Cover weight:7.3g
Production cycle time:9.48s
Cavity:4 (base+cover,two sets)

Powerjet KP high precision production of medical petri dish from Powerjet Plastic Machinery on Vimeo.

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