Powerjet was present at PAKPLAS,Pakistan

Powerjet was present at PAKPLAS,Pakistan

Powerjet was present at PAKPLAS,Pakistan

From March 25th to 27th, the annual Pakistan Plastics Machinery Exhibition (PAKPLAS) was held at the Karachi Expo Center in Karachi, Pakistan.

PAKPLAS is an exhibition organized by Pakistani plastics manufacturers. Through the exhibition and its accompanying events such as seminars, industry conferences and networking dinners, exhibitors participate in import and export trade, manufacturing and sales of raw materials and products. The association provides policy and regulatory support to positively impact the Pakistani plastics processing industry and plastics trade.

Powerjet made a wonderful appearance at the exhibition with its high-speed thin-walled special injection molding machine KII200-S7 and automatic extrusion&blow molding machine EB10H50S3. Among them, KII200-S7 includes an in-mold labeling device, which can produce ice cream cups, milk tea cups and yogurt cups. It is a special injection molding product for the rookie market segment with the leading technology of Powerjet in recent years. It solves the problems of low precision, high energy consumption, high pressure, high temperature, slow production cycle and poor mechanical structure that exist in the production of fast food boxes (or thin-walled products) by most of the current fast machines.

EB10H50S3 mainly produces PETG thick bottom bottles, double-layer high-gloss bottles and high-end cosmetic bottles, etc. It is efficient, stable and more intelligent, attracting many customers to come to the exhibition site for detailed consultation.

It is reported that in recent years, Pakistan has experienced significant growth in plastics, packaging, printing and related industries. Foreign investment in the plastics industry accounts for 49% of the total foreign investment in Pakistan. The plastic packaging industry is booming at an average annual growth rate of 15%. The total production capacity of plastics is 62.42 billion tons per year, and there are more than 6,500 companies producing plastics, with an annual per capita consumption of 4.2 kilograms of plastic products. And almost all the machinery and equipment used to manufacture various types of plastics, packaging and printing products are imported. The import value of plastic raw materials reached 1.3 billion US dollars, and the import value of plastic equipment reached 600 million US dollars.

Pakistan is a big plastic consumer market. Powerjet has been working in it for more than ten years. In the future, it will provide more high-quality and more efficient injection molding machine solutions to more customers in Pakistan and around the world, and contribute to the development of the international plastics industry!


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