Powerjet Precision Machinery has You All The Way--Celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival and Commendation Ceremony

Powerjet Precision Machinery has You All The Way--Celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival and Commendation Ceremony

"The moon is born on the sea, and the world is at this time." In this beautiful season of golden autumn and sweet fragrance, on September 18, 2021, the whole family of Powerjet Precision Machinery ushered in "Powerjet Precision Machinery has you all the way"- To celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival and the commendation ceremony, the colorful flags flying above and the red lanterns made everyone deeply feel the joyful festive atmosphere and look forward to a splendid event together.

"The wheel of time has run over a deep trace, leaving the golden autumn harvest..." With the host's enthusiastic opening remarks, the event officially kicked off. General Manager Yang gave a speech for the event. Mr. Yang first fully affirmed the company's achievements, thanked all Powerjet people for their hard work, and called on everyone to work together to achieve the company's three-year planning goal.

Excellent sales performance is inseparable from the sales staff's hard work and travel thousands of miles to open up the market. On behalf of the company, General Manager Liu of the Overseas Marketing Department commends the outstanding sales elites in 2020 and awards the "Golden Salesman" trophy and bonus.

The general manager of the company, Mr. Yang, presented the "Senior Staff 10th Anniversary Service Award" on the spot, thanking 14 employees for their unwavering support and dedication on the company's development.

Since the establishment of the company 21 years ago, in order to shape the corporate culture that belongs to our Powerjet, General Manager Yang has commended those who have achieved good results in the corporate culture construction essay competition. In the slogan "corporate culture is very important and requires your practice and participation", the company's corporate culture construction sounded the clarion call for progress.

The event was enthusiastic, and all Powerjet’s family members were filled with joyful smiles. The lottery session came as scheduled, and the host's cheerful voice of "Congratulations to the family who won the above awards" kept reverberating in my ears. You see, those happy smiles, surprise and joy expressions, really make people deeply appreciate the tense and warm atmosphere, bursts of tense and cheerful laughter drifting into the distance with the wind...

"Come on, come on," shouts of cheering came one after another in the crowd. It turned out that the garden tour began. During the game of darts, a colleague stared at the bullseye, as if he was a sharpshooter with a hundred shots, "hit, hit 2 10 rings", look at his arrogant appearance, as if he is truly invincible in the world. . Kangaroo jumping, blindfolded sniping, blind people touching the elephant..., a variety of games, let everyone linger and happily return to childhood.

The good times always pass by in a hurry. Through this event, we can deeply appreciate the concern of the company's senior management for the whole family of Powerjet, the recognition and affirmation of the hard work of all employees, and at the same time make us more confident to continue the development of the company Struggle and make unremitting efforts! Let us continue to join hands, help each other, unite and work hard, and continue to write a brilliant new chapter, "Powerjet Precision Machinery has you all the way"!


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