Powerjet Obtained Two Utility New Type Patents Again

Powerjet Obtained Two Utility New Type Patents Again

Congratulations to Powerjet Precision Machinery for obtaining two utility new type patents.

Recently, our company- Foshan Powerjet Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. has been awarded two utility model patent certificates issued by the State Intellectual Property Office.

These two utility model patents are the innovative results obtained by the engineers of our technology innovation center for many years of work practice, exploration and research.

Patent No.: 202021363846.9 "A precise and energy-saving pressure-holding device for injection molding" discloses an injection molding machine body, a gate valve, and a pressure-maintaining mechanism. There is no plastic flow channel in the injection molding machine body. There is no pressure holding mechanism between; the pressure holding mechanism includes a pressure holding plunger, a spring and a push rod. The pressure holding mechanism communicates with the plastic flow channel of the injection molding machine body and is provided with a pressure holding plunger at the connection. The spring passes through the push rod to maintain pressure. Plunger connection. The precise and energy-saving injection molding pressure maintaining device utilizes the elastic force of the spring itself to provide power to perform pressure maintaining work on the injection molding machine body without adding additional energy consumption, saving energy and reducing costs.

Patent No.: 202021363866.6 "A glue injection mechanism that uses an injection cylinder to maintain pressure" discloses a pressure holding system including gate valve, injection nozzle flange, injection module, clamping head plate, and installed at the front end of the injection nozzle flange. The module and the sol cartridge installed at the back end of the nozzle flange; the output end of the gate valve is movably inserted into the nozzle flange through the valve hole; the pressure holding module and the sol cartridge are connected through the sol channel of the nozzle flange; the pressure holding plunger The movable sleeve is arranged in the pressure holding head, the pressure holding head is connected with the nozzle flange, and the inside of the pressure holding plunger and the inside of the pressure holding head are connected with the sol channel of the nozzle flange; one end of the injection cylinder faces the clamping mold The head plate is connected with the die-locking head plate, and the other end of the shooting oil cylinder is connected with the sol cylinder. The glue injection mechanism that uses the injection cylinder to maintain pressure uses the pulling force of the injection cylinder to perform the pressure maintaining action while the injection cylinder is injecting the sol plastic. Reduce costs and improve economic efficiency.

For a long time, Powerjet has actively exerted its sense of innovation, and has continuously developed industry-patented technologies that adapt to actual production, which effectively solves the "pain points" of molding and provides customers with better products and services! A number of patented technologies have been obtained. The following is a display of some of the more prominent patented technology certificates and control software copyright certificates.


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