Powerjet Dragon Boat Festival Rice Dumpling Competition

Powerjet Dragon Boat Festival Rice Dumpling Competition

Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional Chinese festival. To commemorate the famous patriotic poet Qu Yuan's self-investment in Miluo River, people spontaneously used dragon boat races and making rice dumplings to commemorate this noble and noble doctor Sanlu. In order to pass on Qu Yuan’s patriotic spirit, promote Chinese traditional culture, and allow employees to take the factory as their home, feel the warmth of the Powerjet family, the strong Dragon Boat Festival, and the fragrance of the rice dumplings, Powerjet Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. was on the afternoon of June 11, 2021. The company canteen held a special contest for making rice dumplings.

There were a total of six teams participating in the competition. All women's soldiers were skilled in their skills. They danced with zong leaves and shuttled through the string. The whole game was actively engaged and scrambled. The scene was full of joy and laughter. The festive atmosphere was very strong.

Look, the aunts of the canteen team make perfect skills, they are skilled, and they deserve to be specialized in the art industry. At their home court, they are like a rainbow, and they are neatly bandaged. The beautiful and beautiful zongzi are perfectly presented in front of our eyes. , This is not only technology, but also art.

Of course, there are also beauties in the office team in a hurry, either forgot to put stuffing, or the zong leaves are broken, or the tether is messy, and there are lots of jokes.

After half an hour of fierce competition, the canteen team finally came to the fore and won the first prize with both speed and quality.

The employees said that this event deepened everyone’s understanding of the Dragon Boat Festival, enriched everyone’s cultural life, enhanced the close relationship and mutual cooperation between departments, and inspired the positive and enterprising work attitude of the majority of employees, so that everyone is personally involved. Experience the warmth of the company as a big family, so that employees have a stronger sense of belonging to the company.


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