Powerjet Company for being recognized as "Leading Enterprise in Subdivision Industries".

Powerjet Company for being recognized as "Leading Enterprise in Subdivision Industries".

Congratulations to Powerjet Company for being recognized as "Leading Enterprise in Subdivision Industries".

Recently, Powerjet Company received good news from the Foshan Municipal Market Supervision and Administration Bureau: According to the relevant provisions of the “Notice of the Office of the Leading Group of the Foshan City for Strong Quality City Work on Carrying out the Application for Leading Enterprises in Foshan’s Subdivided Industries in 2020”, After review by the expert group, Foshan Powerjet Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. was approved as the "Leading Enterprise in Foshan Subdivision Industry".

According to the "Foshan City's Action Plan for Promoting the High-quality Development of Manufacturing and Implementing "Quality Engineering" (2020-2022)" issued by the Foshan Municipal Market Supervision Administration, the identification of leading enterprises in sub-industry is mainly determined by three indicators. They are market share, technological innovation level, and product quality level. The weights of the three are 70%, 15%, and 15%. These indicators truthfully reflect the competitiveness, innovation ability and service level of an enterprise. The companies on the list are advanced companies that are widely praised by consumers in specific fields, have strong technical strength and excellent product quality.

Powerjet has always attached great importance to the innovation of injection molding machine technology and has been deeply involved in the field of injection molding machines. In recent years, it has successively obtained national high-tech enterprises, provincial, municipal, and district engineering technology research centers, Foshan Enterprise Technology Center, Guangdong High-growth Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, Foshan Specialized and Special New Enterprises, Foshan High-tech Zone Singles Champion Enterprise, Honorary titles such as the leading enterprises in the subdivided industries in Foshan. So far, it has developed into one of the leading companies in the injection molding machine industry in Foshan City.

Today's Powerjet Precision Machinery has gathered a large number of technical experts and management elites in the plastic machinery industry, with strong technology development and product innovation and transformation capabilities, and a rich product matrix that fully meets the development needs of market differentiation and customization, to provide customers at home and abroad with more professional products and thoughtful services.


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