New Mission Release | Powerjet, Create Beauty for You and Me!

New Mission Release | Powerjet, Create Beauty for You and Me!

New Mission Release | Powerjet, Create Beauty for You and Me!

"Powerjet has experienced 22 years in the injection molding industry. With the development of the enterprise, Powerjet's pursuit has continued to surpass and improve the cycle."

On the 22nd, under the organization of Chairman Mr. Yang, Powerjet released the next 3-year plan and 5-year improvement target for the core management team. From performance to management efficiency, Powerjet has improved the requirements for the team and the enterprise in all dimensions, so as to adapt to the fierce market competition and meet the development needs of Powerjet.
At the meeting, Powerjet also officially released a new corporate mission - "Powerjet, create beauty for you and me!"

At the unveiling ceremony of the mission, Chairman Yang stated that the mission is the role and responsibility of the enterprise in the society, as well as the fundamental nature and reason for the existence of the enterprise. As a molding equipment manufacturer, Powerjet should assume the role of a platform and serve customers, employees and society at the same time. Let enterprises, employees and customers grow together, have the ability to create beauty, and have capital to own beauty.

"This is the original intention of our Powerjet." Chairman Yang said affirmatively at the ceremony.

”Chairman Yang also called on all Powerjet people to: "Please keep Powerjet's mission in mind, as Powerjet people, use our practical actions to practice our mission, and create beautiful things for customers, colleagues and ourselves!"

The release of the brand-new mission clarifies the social responsibility that the enterprise undertakes and the role of the enterprise; it also means that Powerjet has entered the stage of strategic planning and development. In the fierce market competition, industry opportunities are always accompanied by crises: "Enterprises will retreat if they do not advance in the market competition."

Powerjet embraces its original intention, always reminds the role and responsibility of the enterprise with its mission, and strives to move forward and develop further!

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