Mechanical Adjustment Method of Injection Molding Machine Clamping Part

Mechanical Adjustment Method of Injection Molding Machine Clamping Part

Mechanical Adjustment Method of Injection Molding Machine Clamping Part -- Powerjet Plastic Machinery

After many years of use of the injection molding machine, it is possible that the degree of wear at the toggle rotation is uneven, resulting in inconsistent force on the four pillars and imbalanced mold clamping. Therefore, even if the mold parallel accuracy is very high, the products often produced have a batch of front in a certain direction. At this time, it should be considered that the clamping mechanism of the injection molding machine is not parallel. Parallelism should be adjusted.

Ready to work:
①. Prepare a dial indicator and plug gauge.

②. Remove the mold and straighten the elbow.

③. Use a dial indicator to measure the parallelism between the Collin column and the slide. If there is an error, adjust the sliding foot of the movable board or the tail board first.

④. Clean the mold surface of the fixed plate and the movable plate for fixing the mold.

Adjustment steps:
①. First use a plug gauge to measure the gap between the die-adjusting nut and the tail plate and the die-adjusting nut pressing plate, the more average the better, if the error is too large, the demodulation system should be disassembled and re-assembled to use the tail plate. Adjust the plane as a reference.

②. Check whether the elbow has been straightened.

③. Whether there is sufficient lubricating oil supply at the lubrication and oil injection points.

④. The mold surface is clean.

⑤. Measure whether the gap between the large nut and the pressure plate is even. If the error is found to be large, the screw should be loosened and re-adjust based on the fixed plate. Pay special attention to the pressure plate pressing on the elder pillar and the two screws should be flat. Constantly fixed.

⑥. Fix the dial indicator on the fixed board, use any one of the four coring pillars as the reference point, adjust the dial indicator to zero, and then swim around the parallel surface of the inner template with the four coring pillars, and measure the error When the dial indicator is swimming, it must not leave the die surface, otherwise the correct value will not be obtained.

⑦. When measuring the numerical error value of the four points based on the inner side of the Corinthian column, the value of the numerical error should meet the parallelism requirements of the injection machine.

If the error value is within the specified range, there are two adjustment methods:
  1. The adjustment is made by the die-adjusting nut.
  2. Adjust by adjusting the big nut of the fixed plate.

⑧. It is necessary to re-measure each time adjustment or change the reference point to re-measure, and it must be adjusted multiple times to determine whether the parallelism of the machine is restored to the error range.

⑨. If the error value is too large, and the two methods in item ⑦ still cannot be adjusted to the range, the reason is that the unilateral wear of the toggle combination is serious and needs to be refurbished.


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