Injection Molding Machine: Definition, Working Principle, Application & Advantages

Injection Molding Machine: Definition, Working Principle, Application & Advantages

Plastic Injection molding machine takes an important place in manufacturing life. The products produced from the injection molding machines are used in a wide variety of industries, including medical equipment, aerospace, and automotive. It even could be used to realize the most complex design of the parts with impeccable precision.

But What it exactly is and How does it work? To find out, let’s read this page to solve our confusion.

What is a Plastic Injection Molding Machine

According to Wikipedia, a plastic injection molding machine is a machine for producing plastic products through the injection molding process. It could be divided into two basic units: a clamping unit and an injection unit. These two basic units complete the major molding process.

●The clamping unit is used to open and close a die, and the ejection of products. The clamping method consists of two methods. One is a toggle method, which is the toggle is the major operator to open and close the mold. The other one is a straight-hydraulic method. The second method means that the hydraulic cylinder is the major operator that directly opens and closes the mold.
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●The injection unit is used to melt the plastic and inject the molten plastic into the prefabricated mold. Once the plastic is introduced from the hopper, the rotating screw would melt it and accumulate molten plastic in front of the screw. When the accumulated plastic is up to the required amount, the injection would start.

How Does a Plastic Injection Molding Machine Work

After knowing the function of the basic parts of the injection molding machine, you may have a basic understanding of the working principle of the molding machines. Here I would make a description of how it works.

The injection unit firstly melts the introduced plastic and moves the molten plastic in front of the screw through the rotating screw. The molten plastic would be injected into the mold with the injection pressure of the injection machine. The cavity of the mold is full of molten plastic liquid. At last, the molten plastic liquid would cool down to form a solid form.

What Can Injection Molding Machine be Used For?

The molding machine is versatile for a variety of manufacturing fields. Usually, each molding machine has its specific molding service range. The lower tonnage molding machines could manufacture the smaller plastic parts used in medical devices. Some injection molding machines also could manufacture silicone products.

Advantages of Infection Molding Machine

Okay, you may get a brief understanding of the electric injection molding machine. Let’s go over the pros of the injection molding machine products:

Impeccable Precision

Because of the use of the mold, each product manufactured from an injection molding machine has the same specification. The imperfect product would be reduced to a minimum. That means, with every run of the molding machine, the new product is as same as the last product.

Complex Details

The injection molding machines are able to help factories manufacturer the most complicated product, and easily execute the smallest of detail. You could give multiple details into your mold design and ensure these details are realizable.


The plastic product produced by the injection molding machine has a great consistency of the material and the structure. Therefore, the parts present an excellent performance on durability and reliability.


Most injection molding machines are automatic injection molding machines. The automation of the injection molding machine not only significantly reduces the possibility of human error to a minimum but also ensure the high efficiency of the manufacturing.

Cost Efficiency

Generally speaking, injection molding is one of the most cost-effective options for producing parts for many fields. In your project, injection molding allows you have more freedom in allocating the budget.


The electric injection molding machine plays an important role in manufacturing fields, especially those need plastic products. It provides a cost-efficient and efficient manufacturing method for many factories. If you want to buy high quality thermoplastic injection molding machine and plastic injection molding machine, you could find Power Jet, a professional China electric injection molding machine manufacturer.

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