Injection Molding Machine | Things You Need To Know

Injection Molding Machine | Things You Need To Know

What Is A High-Speed Injection Molding Machine?

Automatic injection molding machine is a manufacturing machinery that produces plastic items on a large scale. It can make the container packaging for beverages, mineral water, candy, biscuits, edible oil, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, cleaning products, etc. The high-speed injection molding machine uses an accumulator as the injection power source to provide explosive energy for the high-speed/high-pressure injection of the injection molding machine to achieve high-speed injection.


How Does An Injection Molding Machine Work?

The first step of injection molding is to create the mold, which is usually made of metal, steel, or aluminum. And then the materials will be injected into a mold and mixed by a shaped screw. The heating bands melt the material in the barrel and the molten materials will be fed into the mold cavity where it cools and hardens, matching the shape of the mold. If you want to shorten the cooling time, you can use the cooling line. Finally, the part will be ejected once the material has solidified.

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Features of Pet Perform Automatic Injection Molding Machine:

● Energy-Saving
The servo motor control system can save energy by 30%~50%, while the variable pump control system can save energy by 25% ~ 45%.

● PET Special Screw
PET screw highly increases the plasticizing speed and shot weight, lowers the plasticizing temperature and AA value, also achieves better products transparency.

 ● Pressure Synchronization System
Optional with pressure holding and charge at the same time, which can increase the productivity by 15%~25%.

What Are The Advantages Of The Injection Molding Machine?

The major advantage of the injection molding machine is being able to produce parts on a large scale with less cost. Moreover, the leading technique can minimize wastage and save the material. Last but not least, the part reliability and consistency can be guaranteed with this injection molding machine.


Injection molding machine plays a crucial part in manufacturing plastic parts in high volume. POWERJET is a high and new technology enterprise of R&D, manufacturing, sales, after-sales service of new plastic injection molding machine and blow molding machine. If you need more details about our product, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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