Injection Molding Machine High-pressure Clamping Failure Solution

Injection Molding Machine High-pressure Clamping Failure Solution

Injection molding machine information|Injection molding machine high-pressure clamping failure solution

Mold clamping failure of injection molding machine is one of the common failure problems, and different solutions should be adopted for different failure performances. Now, Powerjet Group tells you how to solve the problem of high-pressure mold clamping failure of injection molding machines.

A. The injection molding machine does not lock the mold
1. Check whether the travel switch in front of the safety door is faulty and repair it;
2. Check the 24V5A power supply in the electric box, and replace the power box in time;
3. Check the spool, if it is stuck, clean the spool in time;
4. Check whether the I/O board has output and whether the solenoid valve is energized.

B. Slow mold opening and slow start speed
1. Check whether the screw damping is too large, and adjust it appropriately;
2. If the center hole of the damping screw is too large, it will affect it, just replace the damping screw with a thin center hole.

C, Can not open the mold
1. Check whether the hinge is reversed.
2. Check whether the clamping and straightening machine ends at the zero position after twisting, and adjust the zero position of the electronic ruler.

D, The mold clamping is not smooth
1. Check the oil circuit, the air in the oil circuit must be emptied, and air bubbles in the oil also need to be exhausted;
2. Improper adjustment of A and B holes. The setting method is that the system flow rate is 20 and the pressure is 99. After setting, observe whether the clamping action is crawling;
3. Check the magnifying board, and adjust the magnifying board properly when the ramp-up and down adjustment is not correct.

E, No thimble action
1. Check whether the position of the electronic ruler is set improperly;
2. Use a multimeter to check the 0 voltage of the thimble switch to the ground. If the thimble switch is short-circuited, replace the thimble switch;
3. Check the thimble limit rod, and replace it immediately if the thimble limit rod is broken;
4. Check the thimble limit switch, and replace the thimble limit switch if it does not light up.

The above are the symptoms and solutions of the five major injection molding machine high-pressure clamping failures, we hope it will be helpful to everyone.


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