Hunan Weisheng Plastic Products Co., Ltd.

Hunan Weisheng Plastic Products Co., Ltd.

Product: BJ series Energy-saving Injection Molding Machine
Production: Polyester plastic bottles and preforms

Since the outbreak of COVID-19,the demand for prevention and control materials across the country has increased sharply. In order to support the front lines of epidemic prevention across the country, many Powerjet customers actively responded to the government's call to urgently dispatch employees to resume work and production, and contribute to the epidemic prevention work. Hunan Weisheng Plastic Products Co., Ltd. is one of such epidemic prevention material manufacturers.

Hunan Weisheng Plastic Products Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the production and sales of polyester plastic bottles and preforms. Coordinated by Hunan Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, supply disinfectant bottles and alcohol bottles for Zhongda Zhongya Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. Zhongda Zhongya was listed as a key provincial contact enterprise during the epidemic prevention and control period by the Leading Group for the Prevention and Control of Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Infected by the COVID-19 in Hunan Province. It is the largest manufacturer of disinfection products in Hunan Province and fully resumes work 24 hours a day. After production, 15 tons (approximately 30,000 bottles) of "Jiuxing" brand 84 disinfectant, 2 tons of 75% medical alcohol and 2 tons of quick-drying hand disinfection products will be produced every day, effectively guaranteeing the prevention of the COVID-19 in Hunan Province.

Powerjet has joined hands with Hunan Weisheng to continuously, efficiently and steadily produce and supply packaging containers for disinfection products, providing a strong backing for the epidemic prevention work in Hunan Province.
Hunan Weisheng chose Powerjet mainly because we have extremely fast delivery time and extremely considerate after-sales service. Moreover, the Powerjet injection molding machine is energy-saving and electricity-saving, and the price is favorable. In the production process, it is high-speed, high-efficiency, stable, low rejection rate.

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