How to set up low voltage protection for small electric injection molding machine?

How to set up low voltage protection for small electric injection molding machine?

Step: Adjust the clamping pressure of the electric injection molding machine to the required pressure, which can be seen on the pressure gauge. For example, we need a clamping pressure of 120 kg. First, straighten the crank arm and adjust the thickness of the mold until the clamping pressure on the pressure gauge reaches 120 kg.

Step 2: Set the mold opening distance. Do not open the mold as far as possible. Do not touch the product, take it out. Pay attention to setting the mold opening buffer. The length of the buffer must be determined according to the mold opening speed. The faster the speed, the further the buffer zone.

Three steps: a period of slow mold opening is generally set according to the low pressure starting position. Please note that if there is coring, rope position etc. Increase the clamping position by 5 mm.

Part 4: When the clamping part starts, the fast position of the clamping can be transferred to the fast clamping action. The size of the quick tail position is determined by the accuracy of the electric injection molding machine. The higher the accuracy, the smaller the position. Generally set 20-40 mm before the start of the low pressure position.

Step 5: First set the high pressure speed of the clamping to 0, and then manually lock the mold. When the mold is fully fitted to the front mold, set as many positions as possible. For example, the matching position of the front and rear molds is 1.3 mm, and the setting position is generally 1.4 mm. When the setting position is the same as the actual position, false alarms are likely to occur.

Step 6: Restore high pressure and high speed.

Needless to say this action. The answer is good. After the entire low pressure protection setting is completed, test with white paper, take the white paper out of the mold, that is, close the mold, and then slightly lower the low pressure position or reduce the speed and pressure. The entire debugging cycle shall not exceed 5 minutes.

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