How Much Do You Know About The Calculation Method Of Injection Molding Machine Clamping Force

How Much Do You Know About The Calculation Method Of Injection Molding Machine Clamping Force

How much do you know about the calculation method of injection molding machine clamping force

During the production process of the injection molding machine, the raw materials will be quickly injected into the mold at a high pressure, resulting in a violent expansion force. This force may impact the mold closing restrictions and cause the production to stop. At the same time, another force is needed to suppress it, that is, the clamping force.
The size of the clamping force depends on the quality of different molds. If the clamping force is too large or too small, it will affect the production. Therefore, how to set the most suitable clamping force requires a relatively complete formula for calculation. So that this calculation will make each mold get a more accurate clamping force.

The calculation formula of clamping force:
The calculation of clamping force generally uses such a formula: mold support force = projected area of the finished product in the direction of the opening and closing mold (cm) X number of mold cavities X pressure in the mold (kg/cm). This calculation is actually just an estimate. After calculating the required clamping force according to this formula, it needs to be tested and debugged in actual production.

How to choose a suitable injection molding machine according to the clamping force:
Most of the injection molding machines on the market are based on the clamping force tonnage to set the level, this tonnage is mostly an integer. Obviously, this setting is to facilitate the manufacturer to more intuitively and accurately select the appropriate injection molding machine after calculating the clamping force. In addition, the size of the injection mold and the height of the product also need to be considered when choosing an injection molding machine.

Generally speaking, the matching of the injection mold and the injection molding machine should meet the conditions of being able to put down, take out, lock up, shoot full, shoot well, and shoot fast.

"Put Down" means that the mold and the injection molding machine are required to be able to match in size;
"Take Out" refers to whether the mold opening and demoulding strokes of the mold can meet the conditions for getting the finished product in production;
"Lock Up" means whether the injection molding machine can provide the mold with the necessary and appropriate clamping force;
The "Shoot Full", "Shoot Well", and "Shot Fast" are the unified requirements for the injection system of the injection molding machine. Its operation is independent and closely connected with the working state of other systems.

The calculation of the clamping force is to make the production reach more accurate operating standards. Its correct use can reduce the wear of the equipment and maintain normal production. Therefore, it is extremely important to master the calculation and determination of the clamping force.

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