CHINAPLAS 2021 POWERJET Wonderful Presentation

CHINAPLAS 2021 POWERJET Wonderful Presentation

CHINAPLAS 2021 will have its first show at the Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center on April 13-16, 2021. Our company, Foshan Powerjet Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as "Powerjet") will grandly show more high-end machines at the fair.

The booth of Powerjet is located at 11A31. As an expert in molding solutions and cost optimization, Powerjet will demonstrate the injection molding solutions for food, cosmetics packaging and daily necessities at the fair, showing Powerjet to the industry with the new advantages of "precision, high-speed, high-efficiency, and automation". Effectively provide customers with a steady stream of competitiveness in their pursuit of cost optimization and profit maximization.

Introduction to exhibition machine ①

KPET3105-E6 High Speed Preform Injection Molding Machine

POWERJET KPET series high speed preform injection molding machine is market-oriented, inherits the technical advantages of POWERJET, and carries out product innovation and iteration. The KPET series are in the leading position in the industry in terms of repeatability, plasticizing speed, power consumption and many other technical parameters. The high performance, energy saving and stable performance of POWERJET KPET series is the correct solution in the PET injection molding market, which can create a good prospect for the user's business.

Energy-saving: Compared with traditional injection molding machine, the energy saving is more obvious.
High yield: The capacity probably increase 30%-40% compared with the same tonnage models.
High-efficient: Synchronous electric charging, high transmission efficiency for higher productivity.
Professional: Using dedicated screw for PET, equipped with infrared heater, increase the charging speed obviously, meanwhile, decrease the plasticizing temperature and AA value, effectively improve product shrinkage,  and increase product transparency.

Especially capable for water PET preform with 48 or 64 or 72 cavities, or, oil PET preform with 32/ 24/ 12/ 8 cavities.

Displayed Product

PET water bottle preform
Cycle time:11s
Daily output:502000PCS

Introduction to exhibition machine ②

DP600 Two-platen Injection Molding Machine

More than ten years ago, POWERJET launched DP series large two-plate injection molding machine, we have continued to carry out technology innovation and product iteration, and our products have been well received by users. With customer demand and market changes, in order to better serve customers, Powerjet has established a subsidiary specializing in the production of large two-platen injection molding machines - Powerjet. Which has gathered many senior experts in the two-platen molding machine in the industry. Based on the original mature technical scheme, it has made major innovations in precision, speed and energy saving, and launched the third-generation high-speed two-platen injection molding machine of the DP series.

Efficient: Innovative pure two-plate high-speed injection molding machine, coupled with low-friction clamping linear guide rails and special screw with a large L/D ratio, improves the speed of mold opening and closing and the plasticizing ability;
Energy saving: Linear guide rail support and guide on mold clamping unit, low resistance, low energy loss. Optional servo electrical charging available to further reduce energy consumption;
Precision: High-speed proportional valve for mold opening and closing, more accurate on positioning. The optimized hydraulic oil circuit is used for glue injection to achieve accurate control of back pressure and glue injection.

DP series models cover 600t-3300t, which are used in environmental protection industry, municipal construction industry, household appliance industry, automobile industry and daily necessities industry.

Displayed Product

High plastic stool
Cycle time:36s

Introduction to exhibition machine ③

EB10H50-30D1 Automatic Extrusion Blow Molding Machine

Compared with the same screw models, the blow molding machine of Powerjet has low total power and low energy consumption. In addition, the center of gravity of the machine is relatively low, and the speed reduction valve brake is used to move the mold, so that the machine can move relatively quickly and smoothly, and the productivity per hour is higher. Comprehensive comparison, the blow molding machine of Powerjet has obvious advantages in income and performance.

Highly efficient and stable: short molding cycle, high output, central oil cylinder structure of locking template, strong and uniform clamping force, special mold shifting reduction valve, fast and accurate positioning, no impact;
Intelligent: professionally designed blow molding machine control system and PLC, modular design, flexible expansion and change, central monitoring, network remote diagnosis, intelligent centralized temperature control, automatic alarm and fault feedback, highly user-friendly parameter settings, easy to master, easyto operate;
Fast color change: unique screw parameter design, combined with precise temperature and speed control, plasticization and mixing to achieve the best results, uniform and bright color, deep mirror treatment inside the die, smooth curved flow path, no dead ends, No carbon deposit, uniform and dense extruded rubber embryo thickness, fast color change.

Mainly produce PETG thick-bottom bottles, double-layer high-glossbottles, high-end cosmetic bottles for color cosmetics.

Displayed Product

Applied Range:
10-1000mL cosmetics bottles
Cycle time:18-35s
Material:Double-deck PETG

Introduction to exhibition machine ④

KF398-S8 High-speed Injection Molding Machine for Thin-wall Products

The KF machine sample islocated at Kowey Booth 11E71

The KF series of high-speed thin-walled special injection molding machine of Powerjet is dedicated to the production of high-end food and other thin-walled containers. It is Powerjet's technology-leading product for market segments in recent years. It is a high-end product developed by integrating decades of experience and absorbing the advanced technologies from Europe, America and Japan, etc. It solves the high pressure, high temperature and long production cycle, poor mechanical structure and other issues that exist in most fast food containers (or thin-walled products) produced by most fast machines. occupying a leading position in the domestic industry.

High response shot: the thin-walled product has a short shot stroke. The KF series machine completes the entire injection process within 0.3-0.5 seconds, and can complete the injection before the solidified layer  formed in the flow channel. If the product quality is prevented from becoming heavy.

Low-pressure injection: low-pressure injection is used to reduce the clamping force required in injection molding, so that the product does not produce internal stress, and the finished product does not deform after demolding; at the same time, the density of the product is reduced, so that the product does not become heavy; The mold plays a good protective role.

Low temperature injection molding: especially, PP material, when the temperature exceeds 320 degrees, the product will become brittle. It will be damaged during transportation or use. Therefore, KF series machines use optional and standard infrared heating coils to instantaneously heat the material, which can minimize the temperature loss caused by rapid injection molding and achieve the thermal insulation effect. Avoiding blindly increase the temperature to achieve the purpose of temperature lock.

High-rigidity design: The design of the big three-platen and the frame is completely tailored for the high-speed operation of high-speed machines, meeting the high-speed molding requirements of a machine in a few seconds, making production more stable and higher yield.

Sound single-cylinder injection system: KF series machines have a sound single-cylinder injection system. The single-cylinder no-load high-response structure meets the molding requirements of a thin-walled product with four or more cavities, and the oil circuit responds faster.

Dedicated thin-wall plasticizing tube set: KF series machines are equipped with golden ratio plasticizing tube set as standard, which can make multi-cavity thin-walled products have a more perfect plasticizing time, so that the raw materials are fully plasticized while reducing plasticization time. To improve the appearance and texture of the product.

KF series is dedicated to the production of high-end food and other thin-walled packaging containers, such as disposable environmentally-friendly high-end PP lunch boxes, bowls, knives, forks, spoons, milk tea cups, ice cream cups, yogurt cups, etc.

Displayed Product

9070 IML milk tea cup
Cycle time:7s

Chinaplas 2022, see you in Shanghai!

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