Characteristics of PVC

Characteristics of PVC

Characteristics of PVC

1: High hardness and excellent tensile strength (rigid PVC)
2: Easy plastic injection molding and machining
3: Addition of heat stabilizer during processing for high heat resistance
4: Easy to obtain and cheap
5: Suitable for medium and low voltage and low frequency insulation applications

Vulnerable to multiple solvent types
Overheating may produce harmful vapors
Easily stained by sulfur compounds

Due to the special properties of PVC materials, special PVC injection molding machines should be used in production. Please note the following:

1: The screw length-diameter ratio should be 20:1, and the compression ratio should be controlled between 1:1.6 and 1:1.2.
2: The screw and nozzle should be specially made of PVC material and chrome plated.
3: Injection pressure, speed, back pressure and temperature can be precisely controlled in multiple stages.

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