Are there any plans to produce PET preforms in the near future?

Are there any plans to produce PET preforms in the near future?

Are there any plans to produce PET preforms in the near future?

Powerjet is committed to provide customers with multi-cavity preform injection molding solutions to help achieve higher productivity and lower time costs. This is a very complete service, from the idea of the PET preform to the help with the construction of the factory to the life-long after-sales service.

1.PET Bottle Design
PET bottle shapes are very important because they are the basis for injection molding and the key to subsequent blow molding. Therefore, if the customer has certain requirements on the performance and quality of the original bottle, our team of experienced designers and engineers will help the customer to analyze and provide suggestions for optimizing the preform design to speed up the preform development process.

2. PET Bottle Preform Mold Design
Once the preform design has been optimized, Powerjet will improve the design of the plastic injection mold to make it easier to handle, stronger and less expensive. Excellent PET preform mold design helps to improve the quality of the mold and ensure that the preform products will not have defects such as air bubbles, inconsistent size, and eccentricity during the injection molding process.

3. PET Bottle Preform Injection Molding Factory Solution
For customers who want to build their own PET preform injection molding plant, Powerjet can provide professional design guidance, including plant planning layout and detailed water/gas/electrical layout. In this way, customers can get a complete plant construction plan in the shortest possible time.

4. Respond Quickly to Customer Needs
Powerjet provides customers with services for the entire project: from the design of preforms to the supply of injection molding equipment, to the design of plant construction and perfect after-sales support. Therefore, we are always here for you to respond quickly to any questions and troubleshooting.

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