Tips for Dealing with Uneven Color of Two-color Injection Molding Machine Products

Tips for Dealing with Uneven Color of Two-color Injection Molding Machine Products

A good plastic product depends on its shape, color and gloss, etc. However, during the production process of the injection molding machine, some improper operations will make the molded plastic product less uniform in color and become defective or even waste. Lead to waste of raw materials and decrease in production efficiency. In this case, it is extremely important to find the cause and solution of the uneven color of the product.

1. Reasons for uneven color of plastic products
There are many reasons for the uneven color of plastic products, but after all, it is caused by improper operation. The main reasons are as follows: When some injection molding machines are in production, patterns will appear near the gate, which is caused by uneven and full diffusion of the colorant, which will directly lead to uneven color of the finished product; Secondly, it is very important to fix the production conditions in the production, which is the key to stabilizing the color of the parts; Some improper part shape, gate form and position will cause partial color difference of the part, resulting in uneven color of the finished product; In addition, for products with different raw materials and properties, different operation methods should be used to stabilize the color.

2. Solutions to uneven color of plastic products
There are several ways to solve the uneven color of plastic products: For the mold used for product molding, it is absolutely necessary to ensure its smoothness and smooth exhaust, and also pay attention to check whether the clamping force is sufficient and whether there is a problem with the mold's gating system. If there is any problem, it should be solved in time; During production, ensure that the processing pressure is appropriate, and avoid too slow speed, back pressure and insufficient injection time to cause the surface color of the plastic product to be dim; In the use of some raw materials and auxiliary materials, it is necessary to ensure the quality and the appropriate amount, such as not using too much recycled materials, poor quality of plastics, colorants and lubricants, etc., which will affect the color of the product; In addition, the plasticization of the plastic must be sufficient.

The color of plastic products is normal and uniform, which involves many factors in production. Therefore, the production workers must have certain knowledge and judgment, otherwise the value of the defective rate and the reject rate will be unsightly. Two-color Injection Molding Machine

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