2021 The Sorority of Powerjet Plastic Machinery Customers

2021 The Sorority of Powerjet Plastic Machinery Customers

"Work Together to Create the Future - 2021 The Sorority of Powerjet Plastic Machinery Customers was successfully held on November 6th.”

01 — Visit Company
On the day of the event, our company set up a machine demonstration area in the factory to demonstrate on-site molding solutions for daily necessities, preforms and container packaging for all guests, and to show everyone the advantages of Powerjet Plastic Machinery's "precision, stability, high efficiency, energy saving, and automation". The visiting guests praised Powerjet's scale, strength, and technical products.

02 — Share Meeting
In the afternoon, all event personnel went to the hotel to participate in the sharing meeting.

At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Yang, Chairman of Powerjet Company, delivered a speech for the meeting.

Mr. Yang pointed out that due to the superimposed effects of various complicated situations such as the epidemic situation, the uncertain international environment, and changes in domestic environmental protection policies and materials, the downstream market can be said to usher in a major change that has not been seen in a century, which will inevitably trigger new opportunities and demands.
We must strengthen our self-confidence in development, take the initiative to seek change, and strive to cultivate new opportunities in the crisis, and open a new game in the changing situation. Therefore, transformation and upgrading, low-carbon and energy-saving, and high-end manufacturing are our common development paths.

Every progress and development of Powerjet is inseparable from the strong support of everyone. It is estimated that this year's sales will increase by more than 30% year-on-year. The superior machines displayed in the company's factory and will be introduced to you: DP series large two-platen injection molding machine innovation and breakthrough the market; PET series preform injection molding machine sales increased by more than 40% compared with the total in 2020; the KF series of high-speed thin-wall special machines continued to maintain the leading position in the industry; the sales of the EB series of automatic extrusion blow molding machines doubled.
The purpose of this sorority meeting is to start from the interests of customers and be guided by customer needs, strengthen mutual communication, and win trust.

Immediately afterward, DP two-platen machine project manager Mr. Yu, PET preform machine project manager Mr. Lin, KF lunch box machine project manager Mr. Mo, and EB extrusion blow machine project manager Mr. Zeng gave the guests an in-depth interpretation of the machines. With technical product explanations and video case broadcasts that closely follow customer needs and market changes, we help customers solve actual production problems and improve production efficiency and quality. The distinguished guests carefully recorded on-site, and many customers had in-depth communication with the Powerjet project team after the meeting and expressed that they benefited a lot.

DP project manager Mr. Yu introduced the advantages of Powerjet two-platen machine and its case application

PET project manager Mr. Lin introduced the applicability of Powerjet PET machine and benchmark customers

KF project manager Mr. Mo introduced the features and development prospects of Powerjet thin-walled lunch box machine

EB project manager Mr. Zeng introduced the advantages and case sharing of Powerjet Extrusion Blow Molding Machine

After the introduction of the advantage machine project, the host asked the guests to fill in the "Customer Satisfaction Survey Form". Your valuable suggestions and opinions are very helpful for us to continuously improve product quality, improve product solutions and sales strategies, and enhance our service level.

After the meeting, 2021 The Sorority of Powerjet Plastic Machinery Customers ended successfully in the appreciation dinner.

Thanks to the guests who took time out of their busy schedules to attend this event. I believe that through this activity, the trust between us will be further consolidated and a good foundation will be laid for future cooperation. I hope that our future cooperation will be more enjoyable, and we will continue to move forward together to create a better tomorrow together!


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