2020 Huizhou Xunliao Bay Tour

2020 Huizhou Xunliao Bay Tour

The old saying goes: A single wire cannot form a thread, and a single tree cannot form a forest. As an excellent enterprise focusing on teamwork, our company knows that we are in an era of competition, from pure product competition to production technology competition to high-tech competition. So, how can our company remain invincible in such competition? ——High-efficiency teamwork and adhering to the entrepreneurial spirit of "hard work, sharp and enterprising, moral integrity, and win-win cooperation" is the kingly way to win. Therefore, in order to condense the endogenous motivation of our employees and improve the tacit understanding of teamwork, under the company's careful arrangement, we successfully carried out a two-day and one-night trip to Huizhou.

      On August 16, 2020, with the first ray of sunshine in the morning, five buses entered the gate of Baojie Company in an orderly manner, and more than 200 employees got on the bus under the guidance of the guides of each car.

    Along the way, Baojie's family members sang and laughed, looking forward to the coming sunshine and beach.

After the successful arrival, the company arranged a seafood meal for the employees. It is worth mentioning that through the previous mutual communication and understanding of the employees, the location problem was quickly solved, and the dining process was smooth. The plump and creamy crabs, the salivating oysters, and the flamboyant prawns have all become the stuff of the employees. At the table, the staff were friends with fish and shrimps and crab snails. Our Baojie employees arrived at the first stop of this Huizhou trip-the sailing center of Jiumingyu Seascape.

At this time, the sky was clear and the strong sunlight was shining directly on the fine yellow sand. The employees stood on the warm sand, facing the sea: the sea and the sky were all different. At the junction of the sea and the sky, blue slowly spreads towards the beach. The sea water is as blue and clear as the sky, with silver gleam like brocade. Jiumingyu Sea has the majestic momentum that you can't see the water of the Yellow River from the sky, and it also has an exquisite charm. During this journey, the company also carefully arranged for photographers to follow along to commemorate this wonderful time. After all, time will go far, but the image will last forever. It's time to go to sea! Although the process was slightly turbulent, ripples caused the ship to float. But Baojie's family supported each other, held hands, and got on the sailing boat one by one. On their faces, there was a smile from the bottom of their hearts. It turns out that this is the greatest force-working together! However, what is most anticipated is the beach barbecue on Fengchi Island at night!

Baojie’s family members gathered around the round table and worked in groups. Group A is responsible for controlling the temperature, group B is responsible for food handling, and group C is responsible for logistics. Different groups constitute a whole! Make the barbecue process more efficient and smooth. This so-called heart is moving! A good team spirit can lay a solid foundation for the sustainable development of our company, gather all employees, fully tap their unlimited potential, and enable our company to develop rapidly. This is the meaning of this journey. Blowing the summer sea breeze, listening to the churning waves, tasting the grilled meat with the smell of fireworks, having a long conversation with friends and colleagues, chatting about the future and dreams, these are memories of summer! The beach KTV and the bonfire party were perfectly combined. In an instant, a bright flame rose into the sky, and Baojie’s family members burst into cheers. They came to the bonfire from the barbecue position, holding hands, like a family. In addition, the company also prepared birthday cakes for employees who had their birthdays in August to show their care for employees. All the employees gathered together to sing the birthday song, and the sense of the team became stronger during this journey! The flame burned more and more vigorously, like a galloping horse, and like a phoenix flying in the wind. Just like our Baojie company, with the strength of the team, it shines with a stronger light!

Looking back on this journey, it was also a team activity for our company, which enabled us to understand the true meaning of "team", what is communication, what is collaboration, and how to unite, cooperate and motivate each other. This is a journey that shocks the soul, it is a training for everyone's soul. It enables us to re-recognize and experience the power of team spirit, and also stimulates our individual potential, so that it has been fully released, and strengthened the courage and confidence to challenge ourselves. It tells us to break the traditional thinking style, open up ideas, sum up the lessons of failure and successful experience in the work, and establish a new working mode. At the same time, we learned how to communicate with each other and learn to empathize. Let everyone try a new kind of life, and teach each of us to learn to be grateful, learn to be tolerant, learn to return, learn to compromise, and the entire team will be the most united and progressive and the best team! Finally, I sincerely thank the leaders of our Baojie company for carefully arranging and accomplishing this wonderful journey!

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