Horizontal one is most common, easier for repairing, more stable due to its low center of gravity, easier for fully automatic production, etc. As for vertical one, its advantages are less occupation area, easier for loading mould, etc. For machine below 60ton, you can prefer vertical one, when you require bigger tonnage of injection molding machine, you would better take horizontal one.

One of the advantages of PowerJet is our offering various special machines for customers, so that they would have more targeted machines for their products with good cost performance. For PET preform, we suggest our PET Injection molding machine. For thin-wall container, you can use our KF series. For jerry can, pls check our Extrusion blow molding machine. In fact, you provide the material, size, weight, production capacity and photos of your products, then we will offer you the best suggestion accordingly.

BJ and KII are all standard machine, but KII is high end one or upgrade version with more modern appearance, faster injection & charging speed, better stability, higher rigidity & efficiency. Just like the difference between Honda and Acura, Toyota and Lexus.